12 Reasons to Start Blogging

It took me a while to work up the courage to start this blog. Some of my friends had to listen to me harp on, “should I? No, I shouldn’t. Forget it.”

Obviously I eventually decided to go for it, and let me tell you: it’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done.

When I read about blogging in efforts to improve or motivate myself, I find lots – and I mean lots – of information about how to make money so you can quit your 9-5, how to triple your page views within days, or how to reach thousands of people via Twitter.

This is not why I blog.

In my mind, the reason to blog is simple: to help yourself, and to help others.

The personal benefits of blogging are huge. It’s a great way to elevate yourself, become a creator, and have an online backdrop for the things you do. So, read on; I’ve shared here 12 reasons why we should all have a blog.

1. Personal Branding. You can get your name out there, whether it’s in your industry or in communities where your interests lie. Your blog is where you can showcase your capabilities, your thoughts, and your passions.

2. It’s a portfolio. If you want to freelance, explore other opportunities, or pitch an idea to someone, you have a portfolio ready and waiting.

3. Start conversations. With anyone.

4. Build community. This is on- and offline. You’ll be surprised at the online communities; genuine people want to see other people succeed, and want to share ideas just as much as you do.

5. Explore your creativity. Everyone is creative; it’s just a matter of unlocking that part of you.

6. It’s a path to self-discovery. For me, writing teaches me about myself, especially when I start with an idea and end up with a solution to some of the problems I face day-to-day.

7. Self-development: Think research, writing, time-management and communication, to name a few.

8. You become more articulate, when you’re forced to frame your thoughts in a more coherent manner. I think (hope) this is also translating for me in my spoken mannerisms as well.

9. Inspire people. Hearing that someone has changed something in their life because of words you write is potentially the best feeling in the world.

10. You become a better thinker. Most of my posts are from a single idea. But putting that single idea into a coherent argument requires deeper thinking than just a passing thought. You will develop new ways to express yourself, and not just in your writing.

11. You’ll improve your discipline. It’s a quality that we under-appreciate but let me tell you, with strong discipline you get stuff done.

12. You could find your voice. You might think you don’t have anything of value to add to the world. But your voice and your story are important, and our voices combined may actually make a difference.

If you have been thinking you’d like to start a blog but don’t know where to start, send me an email. I am always happy to help!


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