Holiday Reads: 3 of My Current Favourites

It’s the holidays and I keep forgetting what day it is; Thursdays feel like Sundays and I’m in a blissful haze of ignoring anything work-related. As such, I couldn’t contemplate a career-related blog post right now. After all, we can think about how to cope with your to-do list when the days start to feel shorter and we realise with some level of dismay that we’d better get back into the daily grind.

One of my goals these holidays was to read more, specifically online. I think I’ve achieved it: I’ve been so absorbed in some of the stuff I was reading that I got cramps from not moving and my Dad had to yell at me twice to see if I wanted a cup of tea.

So anyway, I thought I’d share what I’ve been reading, so that while we still have a few days to ourselves we can take the time to get stuck into some pretty outstanding stuff.


Penelope Trunk

I’m not sure why I have taken so long to discover her website, but I came across it this week and I’ve been binging on her posts for hours on end.

Trunk is humorous, opinionated and refreshing. She isn’t afraid to say what she thinks, and so her advice is like what you’d get from a too-honest friend. What I really like the most about her thoughts is that she ties a lot of her ideas back to the basic principle of kindness and connection with others.

Agree or disagree with her; what matters more is that she gets you thinking.

The Minimalists

I feel like I talk about these guys quite a lot, but if I do it’s because their ideas for how to live our lives simply make sense to me. They use their words in a way to have maximum impact, and some of their blogs are short but oh-so-powerful. Read about shaking our attachment to stuff; or about our connections with other people; or even get some brilliant tips on how to write better.

Every time I hop on their website they inspire me to be a better person.

The New Yorker

Full disclosure here: I haven’t purchased a subscription. I read my monthly article allowance and then cry a little inside when I can’t get to the next one, but I’ll likely bite the bullet and subscribe. The writing is consistently brilliant, and the eloquence of the writers is thought provoking in itself. The publication covers a huge range of topics, from current affairs and business to culture and short fiction.


What are your favourite publications to lose yourself in good ideas?

Or, need some reminding why we should be making time to read? Check out something I wrote recently on that exact topic: The How and Why of Reading Widely

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