5 Tips For Finding Your Motivation

People call me crazy.

An active blog, an active lifestyle, a full-time job… I have a full schedule. But I love what I do, and even though it sounds a little hectic I derive joy out of it all.

But I’m also human, and motivation for these things is definitely not consistent.

I don’t wake up every single day bursting with energy – appearances can fool – and there are plenty of days when hitting the snooze button and being late to work are much more appealing than an hour at the gym at 6am.

Some days we need rest, true. But the reality is that’s not every day, and I think it’s important to work through feelings of disengagement to find motivation when it seems to be eluding us.

While coffee helps, there are things I do which I find bring back the spark to get me off my Newsfeed to being productive; whether this is for work, studies, exercise or even simple habits like picking up a book.

Just do it

I like Nike’s slogan. For me, it’s actually the best way to get me working.

Take for instance, writing. I don’t always feel like it. In an ideal world, I’d wait until I have the perfectly framed sentence sitting at the surface of my mind before I put pen to paper, but the reality is, if I waited for that moment there would be no blog. Instead, I set a timer for 10 minutes and start typing, even if it’s a mess of garbled thoughts and incoherent sentences. As soon as I start, the motivation floods back.

So… what do you know deep down you want or should be doing? Go do it.


I find that reading about other people’s experiences or ideas makes me excited to put my own ideas into practice. Seeing other people’s achievements can also inspire, and keep us wanting to work towards our own goals.

Look at your goals

Speaking of goals, do you have yours written down? I have a list of my goals (which I keep short, so that it doesn’t demotivate me looking at them, oh the irony) and I make sure I keep said list easily accessible.

If looking at your goals makes you groan in agony, then you might need to reassess them and see if they still fit in with your life. Your list should inspire you and make you want to work towards them.

So if you need to refine your list, do it and don’t feel ashamed. Inspire yourself and then decide on one thing you could do to make progress.

Start a conversation

It’s likely that you have friends who know what you’re about. On the days when you’re struggling to remember why you signed up to the evening French classes, grab your phone and chat to the friend who can remind you why. If you’re at work and struggling, take a break and grab a coffee with someone who generally inspires you. It works for me, and I’d bet it will work for you too.

Put it in action

There’s not much point in talking about motivation unless we actually do something about it. If you feel inspired after reading a blog post, or your friend reminds you how passionate you were two weeks ago at brunch, then actually get up off the couch and go do that thing. We won’t feel a sense of gratification from the flash of motivation unless we actually get up and start putting our ideas into action.

Be patient, and remember that baby steps are better than no steps at all. Aim to get better each day, work towards being consistent, and you’ll be surprised by not only the progress you make but also the habits you form. And hopefully, that little glow of satisfaction when you see progress will continue to burn, even on the slump days.